World Records


The Congress will maintain a permanent listing of World Records.

Bowlers must be current members of the Congress in order to qualify for recognition and their scores must be rolled on certified lanes in conformance with requirements of the Congress.

All continuous game records must be rolled in one event, not necessarily confined to the same day, but consecutively in the same event. Proper advanced publicity must be given to such an event with the dates on which parts of the event are to be rolled and the schedule must be followed rigorously.

In special advertised events and regular events, the following records are always at stake:

  • the single game record;
  • the record for the total number of games of the event;
  • the single block record into which the event may be sub-divided with proper advanced publicity. For example, credit would be given for a five-game record in an event of fifteen games, providing it was scheduled in three blocks of five games each. Up-the-ladder games will be considered as a block. However, since the number of games is based on position on the ladder, this block cannot be added to any previous block in the tournament for multiple games world records.

No league games, sets or scores, either individual or team, will be recognized as records unless rolled in a member league. No cumulative league sets, rolled in league play, will be recognized for records except for season's average records.

Handicap shall not be credited or included in the establishment of any record at any time.

No local, sectional or national record score for a mixed team will be accepted, unless the team is composed of three men and two women or two men and three women on a 5-member team; two men and two women on a 4-member team; two men and one woman or one man and two women on a 3-member team; one man and one woman on a doubles team.

In the event a world record is established or broken, written notification must be given to the Executive Director of the Congress, no later than 15 days after the world record is rolled. That notification must include:

  • bowlers name, address, phone number and member number;
  • league name and league secretary's name;
  • tournament name and tournament director's name;
  • bowling center;
  • date and time that the world record was set;
  • lanes upon which the world record was set.

As soon as the above information has been received (in writing), the Congress shall within one day (if possible) have the lanes and pins inspected by a Congress lane inspector. The lanes and pins must be inspected in order for the world record to be recognized.

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